8 Surefire Ways To Tell If He Is Madly Attracted By You

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If you are wondering about whether or not a specific guy is attracted by you, then here are some tips to help you out. To be accurate, here are the 8 killer tips that never fail to help girls to know if someone is attracted to them.

1. He is likely to stare at you for no reason, possibly embarrassed or giddy that he is ogling a coveted object. Dream Man may burst into laughter or fits of glee out of the blue when he is with you. Bad jokes, performance art like physical tricks or other stunts may aim to get your attention, make you laugh, or aim for a grin. He will likely try to give you things, not just his heart. He may forget to eat or go hungry without a reminder when he is focused on you. He will call you without prompt. He may contact you sooner than you expected. Wherever you go, you can expect his interest to come along.

2. He will jump to the best conclusion no matter what comes out of your mouth. Everything you say or do he is agreeable to.

3. Holding your hand makes him feel good, which everyone can see from the grin on his face and the way he holds onto it.

4. He plans his day with you in mind. He plans his day after checking with you. He changes his plans to spend time with you.

5. He can not sleep without you. His hectic day turns mellow when he is with you, and he relaxes. He goes into a peaceful slumber when you sleep together. He eats everything you cook. He wants to cook for you.

6. He wants to pay for everything. He starts making plans to do things with you in the coming weeks and months, even inquiring about your availability. He tells you about annual traditions and says he looks forward to you being a part of the event. He wants to show you all his gadgets and man toys. He wants to show you his secret stash of boyhood memorabilia. He wants you to wear one of his shirts, like a T-shirt, sweater or jacket. He says more than once he is glad he met you. He wants to tell you over and over about the day he met you. His face lights up when he tells you about the moment he saw you. He likes to be physically near you in public. He wants to pick you up. He buys you perfume.

7. He buys you clothes. He wants you to come over to his place all the time, or comes over to your place all the time. He does not want you to sleep apart. He wants you to leave your toothbrush at his place, or vice versa. He buys you clothes that fit. He gives you a key to his apartment, or requests for one to yours. He lets you drive his car, or gives you a key to his car. He wants to go shopping with you. He wants to go shopping for you. He wants to hear about your dreams. He wants to help make your dreams come true. He wants you to hear about his dreams. He wants you to be a part of his dreams.

8. He wishes to introduce you to his friends. He wants to introduce you to his family.

In other words, the obvious signs that could tell if he is associated to you usually consist of a wide range of positive behaviors. In summary, his behaviors or feelings demonstrated by him right from the start will most probably give you a picture of what will come come thereafter.

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