Beautiful, Affordable, Engagement Rings

Beautiful, Affordable, Engagement Rings

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When a man decides to ask his girlfriend to marry him, the thought of having to go out and purchase "the perfect ring" can be a little intimidating. From knowing her ring size, to what shape of stone to buy, whether to buy white or yellow gold and how much to spend, there are many factors to consider. Last but not least, the decision of how much money to spend. Needless to say, this can be quite a chore for the romantic men out there who wants to surprise her with an engagement ring. For other men who girlfriends have already told them exactly what they want, purchasing the perfect ring is a cinch.

If the thought of having to shell out big bucks has you concerned, do not worry. You could always choose to go the rent to own option. This way you can make scheduled monthly payments instead of racking up a large credit card bill. Check out some rent to own reports to determine if this is the right option for you.

The first place to start in deciding which ring to buy is to notice whether she wears yellow or white gold, and go from there. Check out the jewelry that she already has to determine which of these is her favorite. You may even decide to go with platinum versus gold. This option is a bit more pricey than gold. Do not forget though, you can always check out rto online to see if there are any rent to own stores in your area.

Once you have determined which type of metal to buy, then you need to decide what shape of stone you are going to go with. You could buy a traditional round cut solitaire. Or you could go outside the box and go with a heart shaped center stone. You could also add some different colored stones to the left or right of the center stone. The options here are limitless. The main thing to consider is whether she is really fancy or more casual. The salesperson should be able to lead you in the right direction when it comes to choosing what you think she would like.

Knowing her ring size is the most difficult part of the purchase process if you want to totally surprise her. If she has worn a ring on that finger before, you could take that ring to the jeweler and have them figure out what size it is. But if you just can not figure out what her ring size is without simply asking her, you might have to purchase the ring and have it resized later. The bottom line when it comes to buying the perfect ring is that she will love whatever you buy for her. If you have a smaller budget, do not forget that you can always look at some rto surveys and explore that option.

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