Celebrating the 13th Wedding Anniversary Year

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Okay, so it is your 13th wedding anniversary. Not a typical milestone year, but, as far as you are concerned, each and every year spent with your wife is super special. Why should the 13th anniversary year be shorn of fireworks and celebrations? Especially when you are part of an enviable minority that has enjoyed so many years of wedded bliss.

No matter how many anniversary years you have notched up under your belt, banish repetition and predictability by showering her with thoughtful gifts that have been hand-picked just for her. And, romance – oodles of it – is the key to unlock her heart.

Luckily, every anniversary year, right from the 1st till the 100th, has its own set of traditional and modern gifts, a gemstone and a flower associated with it, making picking the right gift that much more easier.
Here's how you can lay to rest all superstitions surrounding the number 13 as you get set to celebrate your 13th year of togetherness in style!

1. Go traditional with lace
The theme of lace repeats itself in the thirteenth year, this time as a traditional gift (it was the modern gift for the 8th anniversary year). By the 13th year, your family has extended beyond just the two of you. Has romance been kept on the back-burner for too long? Present her with some smoking hot lace lingerie and awakened the seductress in her. Unsure of how she will react to sexy lingerie? Play safe with some exquisite lace tablecloth or table mats.

2. Modern gifts of fur
If she is a die-hard PETA supporter and an animal lover, she will not take too much to a real mink stole. But, hey, the shops are flooded with plenty of faux fur products which do an equally excellent job, being being easy on her conscience! Faux fur-rimmed coat, stole or boots are all equally great ideas.

3. Be romantic with fur!
How about an exquisitely woven Persian rug for the living room, which she can throw in front of a roaring fireplace for the two of you to cozy up on winter nights? Or matching fake fur slippers for the two of you?

4. Textiles did you say?
Yes, that's correct. Textiles may sound mundane, but only if you do not know any better! Hand-woven blankets, bright and cheerful tapestries and curtains, custom-made to suit her needs, are sure to receive a thumbs-up sign.

5. The flowers for the 13th year are the beautiful hollyhock. Did you know that hollyhocks are said to symbolize fertility and abundance? These flowers were a favorite with the ancient Romans who used the flower as ornamental add-ons in their gardens. Fill the house with hollyhocks in all their brilliant hues.

6. Jewelery, but with the right gemstones!
Gemstones have been associated with having strong mind and body enhancing qualities since ancient times. Citrine and moonstone are the two gemstones associated with the 13th anniversary year. The mystical and lustrous moonstone is said to endow its wearer with wisdom, being being a protective stone for women and children. Yellow-orange in color, the citrine symbols light-hearted-ness, joy and happiness and has been worn as a protective talisman since the Greek and Roman periods. Give her a polished moonstone or citrine key ring charm or rings, earrings and pendants that feature these two stones.

7. Get creative.
Tie a satin ribbon around a bouquet of hollyhock and hang your anniversary jewelery gift from it. Buy jewelery with delicate, lace motifs and you have a double whammy!

8. Whisk her away on a romantic rendezvous to Venice, Brussels, or closer home to Nottingham – the traditional lace-making cities. Nothing like a break from the routine to add some much-needed zest in your life.

9. Have 13 long-stemmed red roses greet her when she wakes up in the morning (also providing to her that you have not forgotten your anniversary!). Play on the theme of 13. Delight her with your romantic streak by showering her with no less than 13 romantic cards, each highlighting what you love about her best – or highlighting the priceless moments in each of the thirteen years.

10. Gift coupons
Present her with 13 gift coupons, each bearing a favor that she would want you to do for her. Let the favours range from helpful ('my turn to do the dishes tonight') to naughty ('my neck is longing for a massage') to something more seamy and sexy (we leave the word to you!).

Before you know it, the 13th wedding anniversary would soon be upon you, but be sure to make it a spectacular one – and one that has both you reminiscing for years after it has become a memory.

Source by Daya Sugden


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