Diamonds, Necklaces, Earrings – Each Announces A Deep Relationship

Diamonds, Necklaces, Earrings – Each Announces A Deep Relationship

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There are moments, if you knew a handsome couple who adored each other, raised successful children, made successes of their lives: you only see them every now and then, as they show up hand in hand, both beaming and smiling, at various events .

Over the years, we all age, and yet these two do not seem to. She puts on some weight, he does not, and every time you meet she is showing off some new piece of expensive jewelry he bought her. You look amazed at him, he smiles. You hope he has a brother in law who got it wholesale. I never knew.

Finally, at some grand function in the grandest ballroom in town, decades later, after you first met your good dear friend, you meet again. You two who have completed any number of favorable transactions in real estate, shake hands, and he again introduces you to his wife. Stunning. You are looking at Helen of Troy. Her adoring husband has shown his appreciation of all her help, she has worked in the business with him and has been a wonderful mate, he says.

With a wave, they are out on the dance floor. And all us gents who have gone through divorces and custody battles with far less women than this angel out there dancing with our pal, and we all watch their love glow.

My dear friend died a while ago; they held a private service, which saddened many of his many friends in town who would have loved to be there to pay final respects to this prince of a man. But when I phoned to offer my condolences, she said that was what he had wanted. And so many chaps and ladies around town obviously hoisted a glass to their dear, respected friend. Some of us, who knew him, and he knew so many, did.

And as we had been friends, she shared with me a secret that made us both laugh. Way back then, in her first year at college, more than half a century ago, a now famous lawyer in our town came and sat down near. her. You gals know: She knew he was talking her up so her could ask to date her.

And she leaned over to him and said, you know the only fellow in this class I want to date? And she pointed to her future husband, who then had hair and must have been very handsome.

On her way out the college doors after classes, her future husband showed up next her, I said you're going anywhere? She fluttered and stammed, yes. He piled up with the brand new 1952 car that belonged to his father, and they went for a long drive.

They have three wonderful grown children. And that seems to be a better story than a fairy book, because she chose, he came at once. Forever. And God bless their souls, and all like them.

Source by Derek Dashwood

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