Earrings – Know the Enduring Style of These Decorative Trinkets

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Dating back as far as 2500 BC and probably further, women and men have adorned their ears with decorative trinkets known as earrings. One of the first styles discovered from ancient times were hoop earrings, which has endured the fickle nature of fashion to still be a popular style thousands of years later.

Changing trends
Through history, fashion and hairstyles have dictated the trend of adorning the ears. When high collars and elaborate hairstyles and hair pieces were in fashion, the ears did not need anything. But, when hair was piled up and necklines plunged, there was suddenly a lot of open space that needed something. Gemstone diamond earrings commonly dangled from the upper class ladies in their piled high wigs.

The popularity of wearing ear jewelry waxed and waned over the centuries, but after World War I and the arrival of short flapper hair-styles, they made resurgence and silver earrings and other styles remain popular to this day.

Men also wear them to make some sort of statement, usually as a status symbol. They may wear one gold earring as a hoop or stud or they may don a pair of diamonds. There is no rule about the right and wrong way for a man to wear his jewelry. It's all about what he feels comfortable with.

The classics
There are a few styles that are classic and will always be popular. Designers often embellish these basics, but they are great plain or elaborate.

Hoop- This style can be a full circle, half or even a dangle. Decorative images can be showcased in the center of the circle or charms can dangle down the middle. There is a lot of versatility with this classic style, but the simple hoop remains the most popular. They can be tiny for a conservative look or very large to add drama.

Stud- This is a simple style that consist of a gemstone, gold or silver ball or knot attached to a post. It just covers the pierced hole. Jackets can be added for a fancier look.

Dangle-Threader ones are a new trend that fall into the dangle category. The concept is simple- the piece dangles from the ear and moves with the body. Chandelier diamond earrings and other
embellishments are also a variety of the dangle style.

Drop- The drop is different from the dangle in that it is stationary and it does not hang as far below the earlobe. A drop is typically a single piece so that there is no movement. Drop pearl ones are a simple classic look, particularly for a wedding.

Because designers are constantly coming up with new trends and designs, there will always be something for every personality. Earrings are a way for a person to have some fun and express themselves.

And, the best part is that they can change their style from day to day. One day, she might feel a little flirty and want to feel the gold brush her shoulders. Another day, she may just want to see the sparkle of solitaire diamonds when she tucks her hair behind her ear. In the world of ear trinkets, anything goes!

Source by Andrew Stratton


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