Engagement Rings – Diamond Rings

Engagement Rings – Diamond Rings

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Every woman loves to marry a prince charming. Long cherished dream finally coming true and brings sparkle in her eyes when her most beloved person in her life proposes for the marriage. A day of joy and cheers for her! Presenting her the first engagement ring is a symbol of true love. A man usually uses engagement ring as a betrothal gift to his prospective bride. It certainly represents a formal agreement or a promise to a future marriage.

The origin of our custom to use diamonds in rings, and more recently, in engagement rings, can be traced back to the Middle Ages and even the Romans. The precedent of the tradition of the diamond engagement ring perhaps dates to the 1800's in Europe and America. The tradition of the future husband giving his intended engagement ring may have begon sometimes in ancient Rome. And historians believe that the engagement ring was a standard gift to symbolize the promise to wed at that time.

Since diamonds were at first exceptionally rare, their sparkle, brilliance and value lent a kind of an extravagant air and pride to the act of proposal. When more diamond mines were discovered and diamonds became more wider accessible, smaller diamonds became relatively affordable even among less affluent. With remarkable increase in production supply and with the expansion of diamond jewelry industry combined with coordinated advertising that lasted decades and continues even today with the famous marketing slogan of the 20th century that "Diamonds are Forever" the ad campaign run by the DeBeers company governed in the diamond being the ultimate standard gem for engagement rings.

When considering precious gems for a ring, remember that she will be wearing this engagement ring every day and for many years. Therefore, while softer stones can be beautiful, they are not the best choices for an engagement or wedding ring. Instead of looking at engagement rings for their investment value alone, buy the ones that symbolize your love, and that you'll want her to wear for the rest of her live.

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