Find the Right Earring Styles to Suit Your Needs

Find the Right Earring Styles to Suit Your Needs - Earrings

Post – Post earrings are designed with a straight rod to go through the ear with a small ball of metal or simple decorative element showing on your ear. While these are often worn by women, they are also used by men and children with pierced ears as well.

Lever Back – This is another style of pierced earring, usually made in some type of hoop design, which has a lever that locks into place after you have placed the post through your ear, preventing the earring from working its way out of your ear.

French Wire – These are the earrings that have a wire that is curved at the top and then extends straight down so that when you place it through your ear, the curved part is through it with the long part hanging down below and behind the ear to hold the earring in place.

Hoops – This style of earring has been around for many years and is available in more sizes and shapes than ever. From the smallest hoop that barely encloses the earlobe to the ones that hit the shoulder, they have been traditionally made of solid metal. Today's collection includes those studded with diamonds or gemstones as well as those that are square or heart-shaped in addition to the simple circles from the sixties.

Studs – These earrings are posts that have any type of decoration on the front including diamonds and gemstones in a variety of different shapes.

Chandeliers – This is a popular style for displaying diamonds or simulated diamonds in an extravagant fashion. They may also be used with any type of gemstone to create more colorful displays. These earrings are made up of a number of stones that cascade down from the earlobe similar to a chandelier. Often used as an accessory for women's formal or wedding wear.

Dangle – Unlike the chandelier earrings, dangle earrings may have only one part or several that dangle freely from the earlobe. There are literally thousands of different styles of dangle earrings that are made from all types of materials and are used for numerous occasions from casual to formal wear.

While there are many, many different styles of earrings, there are also many variations of each. Earrings may be made of a simple mixed metal that is inexpensive or of high quality gold. They may be accented with diamonds or expensive gemstones or with simple simulated stones and enamel.

Whatever your need or what the occasion may be, there are earrings to match! There are even earrings made to suit women who are tall, average, or petite as well as the different face shapes. Earrings have been around as an accessory for many years and you will find that they are just as popular today as ever!

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