Gold or Silver, How to Choose the Material for his Jewelry?

Although in recent years, many people prefer costume jewelry, because of their affordable price as well as varieties of models they offer, others simply prefer to bet in safe values of silver and ‘gold. Do you rather the gold or silver jewelry?

Gold or Silver, How to Choose the Material for his Jewelry? - Engagement Rings Rings

How to choose his gold jewelry?

Golden Rings

If this is the most beautiful and majestic, gold remains one of the most expensive precious metal in the world. My fascination with gold is mainly in its beauty and its intactness face of time and external aggression, not to mention of course of its preciousness. It is therefore natural that I have a strong preference for gold jewelry, because for me it is also synonymous with long-term investment, provided of course that gold is the purest possible.

But how to make sure to buy the right gold jewelry?

Recall that there are no pure gold itself, as in the sector of the jewelry, it must be mixed with other materials. The purity of the precious metal thus measure the percentage of gold in each piece. Thus, we speak of 24 karat gold when it is completely clean, so you will never encounter in jewelry.

By cons, a gold jewelry 18K is 75% gold, 14 karat is 58.5% and 9 karat  is 37.5%. Otherwise, the presence of punches will also certify the purity of gold jewelry. This will be the eagle’s head for the 18K, Minerve head for 14, and dog’s head to 9.

Gold or Silver, How to Choose the Material for his Jewelry? - Engagement Rings Rings

How to choose its silver jewelry?

Silver necklace

Also part of the precious metals that are popular, silver is a good alternative when gold is too expensive and therefore inaccessible. Be careful, though, because the decision to buy silver jewelry is not only dictated by the price of precious metals but also mainly be based on many people on aesthetics and authenticity of this precious metal.
What attracts me among others in silver, it is the variety of designs and shapes that it offers, an emphasis is also very easy to work. This is simply the assurance of design and shape multiplicity!

It goes without saying that as the gold jewelry, the value of silver jewels also greatly result from their silver content. One then speaks of solid silver. If you are in front of a necklace, a ring or a bracelet with a punch 925 of the jewel is that the article is what is called “sterling silver” with a content silver 92.5%. Do not hesitate, buy!

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