Half Eternity Rings Vs Full Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are truly awe inspiring pieces of jewelry which are inspirational in their symbolism and aesthetic appeal. They have a sense of luxury that few other rings can match. But as with any valuable, you need to be certain of what you want and what you need in order to ensure that you purchase the best product possible for your specific tastes. This is especially true for an expensive item like an eternity ring. For this particular item, the primary choice you’ll need to make is whether to go with the half style or the full style. Each has its own distinct advantages and benefits, which must be considered before making a final selection.

Half Eternity Rings

Rings made in this fashion are easily denoted by the fact that the gemstones are placed over only part of the exterior band as opposed to the full band. This has its advantages and its disadvantages which you must keep in mind when shopping for one. The primary advantage of the half eternity ring is that the ring can be resized. This isn’t the case with full rings, which have too many gemstones to alter in this way. With a half ring you have the security of knowing that your ring can adapt with time. You won’t need to worry about your finger changing size leading to the loss of a personal treasure.

Half eternity rings are highly desirable by many people because they weigh less. With less gemstones comes a lesser burden on your finger. The gems on the half ring are the ones that get seen by most people anyways, so it’s not as though you are missing out on too much. In addition, one final benefit to the half eternity ring is cost. Since they do not include as many precious stones, they cost a significant amount less than full rings. But full eternity rings have their benefits, as well.

Full Eternity Rings

The full eternity ring has gemstones around its entire band, making it quite the sight to see. This ring’s primary selling point is its greater symbolism. The entire point of the continuous stream of gems is to create the symbolic meaning of a love or commitment without end. This is lost to a large degree with a half ring. Although these rings may cost more, they are much more valuable and make great heirlooms. In addition, the full eternity ring is crafted in more varieties, giving you greater freedom of choice when selecting yours.

A Ring For Life

Whichever style you choose, each eternity ring is special and meaningful. Their inspirational shine from countless gemstones creates a luxurious air of joy and celebration. And what’s the point of life but to celebrate eternal love and happiness.

Source by Thomas Brownstein

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