How to Make Beaded Bugs

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These beaded bugs are adorable on bobby pins. However you could also attach little magnets on them and use around your house to decorate mirror frames, fridges, and shelves. You could attach a brooch pin on the back of the bug with some strong glue. They are wonderful as gifts as well. Each bug will need beads for the head, the neck, the body, the wings and the antennae. Variations from this basic design are endless. The combination of colors is also unlimited.

An Assortment of beads: any size and color
32 gauge silver wire
Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers
Bobby pins, standard size

Basic Method:

1. Cut 20 inch length of 32-gauge wire with your wire cutters.

2. Thread one tear shaped and 15 seed beads onto the wire. Move the beads to the center and bend the wire to form a loop for the wing. Thread the wire back through the tear bead and tighten the wire to create the body. Slide 15 seed beads onto the wire on the opposite side. Bend the wire to form the second wing. Thread the wire back through the tear bead and tighten wire.

3. The wires will extend from both sides of the teardrop bead which is now the body of the bug. Bend the wires to the sides and position the body and wings vertically over the bobby pin a few times and pull the wire tight. Repeat this process with the wire on the opposite side, and then extend the wires up.

4. Slide one round bead, which is the head, onto both wires. Push this bead as close to the tear drop bead as possible. There might be a small gap between the beads.

5. Now separate the wires at the top of the round bead. Now start making the antennae by sliding two to four seed beads and one 11/0 seed bead onto the one end of the wire. Thread the wire back through the seed beads and tighten so the seed beads rest against the round bead. Repeat this process for the second antennae.

6. The wires will be coming out of the bottom of the round bead, or head. Slide a few seed beads onto both wires. Now wrap these beads around the neck of the bug, between head and body, to cover the gap.

If you want to make magnets then do not attach the bug to the bobby pin. Follow the same steps in creating the bug. When completed glue a magnet onto the back of the bug body. If you want this to be a brooch, then glue a brooch pin onto the back of the body.

Source by A. Labedzki


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