Interview with Gem Gossip on Antique Jewelry

Interview with Jewelry Blog Founder Danielle Miele

Interview with Gem Gossip on Antique Jewelry - Rings

In this exclusive interview, Danielle Miele, founder of Gem Gossip, talks about how she got started in the jewelry industry through her blog, how antique and vintage pieces play a pivotal role in her content, and what trends she thinks are coming next. She talks about how the blog was founded, what drew her to jewelry and why she’ll always want to be a part of the industry.

This summer, Danielle worked with our show during her visit to U.S. Antique Shows to discuss the importance of carrying and owning unique, original pieces. See what vendors and vintage jewelry companies she loves to work with most! She also shares her secrets to using Instagram and maintaining relationships with our exhibitors.


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