Is it Too Late to Have an Engagement Party?

You roped in the big catch, and got engaged a year or five ago. Finally, you’re ready to tie the knot. Is it too late for an engagement party? In a world that is redefining the rules about getting married, a delayed engagement celebration can have many advantages. Before allowing yourself to be bullied by traditions, consider some of the following reasons to go forward with a late engagement party.

Did you fall in love and engage quickly? A premature party can be rushed and hasty. A celebration after a longer engagement period will show others that your initial impressions were not just fly by night. A long engagement can add credibility to a real commitment by the couple in question. It sends a message that sharing your engagement isn’t just about having a party.

A later planned engagement party will allow you more time to define friends and family. When a couple is first engaged, the excitement can cloud judgment. As a couple you may counsel each other into abandoning old friendships which may not eventually be in the best interest of your new union. A delayed engagement party gives you more control over the guest list, which will ultimately be some of the people you invite to the wedding.

Have you been engaged for several years? Many life events can occur to shift a final wedding date. This doesn’t mean you should be penalized by not getting everything you want in your prenuptial experiences. An engagement party that is held a few months prior to your wedding can be a great way to alert others that the ball is still rolling and now picking up speed. The party itself can be not just a celebration of your successful engagement, but also a way to tell others the date or time frame you have decided on before the actual invitations go out. It will give your guests a chance to prepare to plan around your event. And if you’re going to elope, you can cleverly use the disguise your wedding date to plan a gathering for what will really be your reception.

If you didn’t have an engagement party a few months after the proposal, you didn’t miss the boat. If you are engaged, the choice of if and when to have a party is really up to you. An engagement is a great thing to celebrate and a long engagement is no exception. Hopefully you only marry once. Get everything you want out of your one time experience by adjusting traditions and doing things your own way. The engagement police won’t come after you–I promise.

Best Wishes on YOUR big day.

Jill Carpenter

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