Man-Made Diamonds; A Buyer’s Guide

Man-Made Diamonds; A Buyer’s Guide

It appears practically unimaginable to observe TV or open a newspaper with out seeing one thing about man-made diamonds. For a whole lot of years science has tried to create an ideal artificial diamond. Finally, 21st-century know-how has made that prospect a actuality.

There are many causes to buy artificial diamonds as an alternative of the mined selection. The costs charged for mined diamonds are, in the perfect verbiage, an phantasm. To put it extra bluntly, Cecil Adams, in his award-winning newspaper column “The Straight Dope” says: “Diamonds are a con, pure and simple.” Diamond costs are largely managed by the DeBeers diamond cartel, and they aren’t a good reflection of diamond shortage. Additionally, research present that one out of three diamonds bought within the US at present has been altered to artificially improve its worth. Further research have proven that on common a pair pays 40% an excessive amount of for his or her diamond engagement ring.

Beyond misleading pricing, there are the problems of “blood diamonds”, pressured baby labor, and a myriad of different disturbing diamond information.

Recently, socially aware celebrities equivalent to Gwyneth Paltrow, Minnie Driver, and Angelina Jolie have made a vocal subject of sporting solely artificial diamonds to the numerous gala occasions they attend.

Good artificial diamonds are nearly indistinguishable from the mined selection, however with out the luggage, and moreover, they price hundreds of much less. But, which artificial diamond is your best option?

There are many sorts of man-made or artificial diamonds obtainable. The decisions are quite a few, however unbiased info is scarce. Here is an summary and comparability of the artificial diamonds presently unavailable in the marketplace:

Cubic Zirconia

The grandfather of simulated diamonds, Zircons can be found extensively. In their greatest examples, CZ’s are literally a reasonably first rate diamond duplicate. Unfortunately, the commodity-like availability and huge variations in high quality have made the stone synonymous with low-cost vogue jewellery. Perhaps a sensible choice for reasonable bling, however not for fantastic jewellery. Many sources can be found, a good one is:

Russian Diamonds

Including Russian Brilliants, Russian Stars and others, they’re in actual fact nothing however prime quality cubic zirconias. This just isn’t talked about prominently on their internet sites and they’ll solely cop to it when pressed, however that’s the reality. Russian diamond simulates are priced round $280 per carat.

Russian Diamonds are a fantastic jewellery choice and are often mounted in high quality valuable metallic settings.

Russian Brilliants are among the finest and oldest sellers of “Russian Diamonds” obtainable at:


Moissanite is a lab-created mineral that could be a superb diamond simulant. Moissanite has been in the marketplace as a fantastic jewellery selection for the reason that early 90s and has picked up fairly just a few followers. Moissanite is a tough mineral that, like diamond, will reduce glass. There are a few minor downsides to moissanite nevertheless. First, it’s fairly costly, (although nonetheless low-cost in comparison with diamonds) often priced about $500 per carat for good samples.

Secondly, moissanite doesn’t have the identical optical qualities as diamond and there are a number of indicators that make them simple to identify with the bare eye for an skilled practitioner. It is troublesome to supply a pure white moissanite they usually usually seem barely inexperienced when seen in pure mild. Also, moissanite has considerably increased radiance and brilliance elements then pure diamond, inflicting them to seem “too sparkly” to some. Overall although, moissanite is a gorgeous artificial diamond selection.

“Moissanite From the Sky” at is an effective supply of fantastic moissanite jewellery.

Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus gem stones are the results of a reasonably new scientific development in processing method, and have solely not too long ago been obtainable within the United States.

Diamond Nexus gem stones are glorious diamond simulants and are available very near matching the properties of mined diamonds at many alternative comparability factors. They reduce glass, being nearly equivalent to diamond on the Mohs (hardness) scale. They refract excellent “hearts and arrows” and have radiance and brilliance readings extraordinarily near flawless diamond.

Best of all, they’re presently introductory priced for the U.S. market, and are a steal at $79 per caret. Diamond Nexus gem stones are solely obtainable in valuable metallic, solid-gold settings.

Diamond Nexus is simply obtainable from Diamond Nexus Labs at:

White Sapphire

Sapphire is the second hardest pure mineral on the Mohs scale, surpassed solely by diamond. They are, not like the others on this assessment, a pure stone. Their radiance and brilliance are lower than the requirements of diamond nevertheless. Nevertheless, high quality white sapphires priced at round $220 per carat are diamond different.

A high quality supply is:

Gemisis Cultured Diamond

Gemisis diamonds are lovely and nearly excellent diamond replicas. Unfortunately, they aren’t obtainable in a transparent, white shade, so they aren’t a sensible choice for conventional diamond settings. However, if a yellow, orange or pink diamond is what you crave, Gemisis presents gorgeous decisions in lovely valuable metallic, fine-jewelry settings.

Gemisis Cultured Diamonds are solely obtainable at:


Synthetic diamonds provide many benefits over the mined selection. You should buy with confidence, realizing that you’re getting precisely what you paid for, and haven’t been the sufferer of diamond pricing chicanery. If you’re involved with the world round you, you’ll be able to have a transparent conscience, realizing that your cash has not contributed to the help of an unethical and abusive trade.

However, there are various decisions of artificial diamonds, with various levels of high quality. Take just a little time to assessment the vendor’s info to get a transparent concept of what the science is behind the gem stones you’re shopping for.

For my cash, I consider one of the best decisions are high quality Moissanite stones or the brand new diamond simulant gem stones obtainable from Diamond Nexus Labs.

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