Move It With Your Mind – The Law of Attraction – The Secret

Where consideration goes …. Energy flows. What we give our consideration to, we give our power to. You can bodily see this occurring by dangling a necklace out of your hand and making it transfer along with your thoughts.

In feng shui, power is named chi. Chi flows via our houses and thru our our bodies. And we are able to focus the chi of our physique with our thoughts. Everything is product of power and our ideas are a type of power that we are able to form with our consciousness. “Move it with your mind” is a straightforward approach that anybody can do. You’ll want a necklace product of any type of metallic and a light-weight pendant on the tip. All you must do is have a look at the pendant and THINK the way in which you need it to maneuver and it ought to begin shifting that means. You can transfer it in a circle clockwise or counterclockwise or backwards and forwards. You can transfer it a technique, cease it, and transfer it one other means.

You’re not going to be shifting the necklace along with your hand, you are going to transfer it along with your thoughts so you might want to preserve your arm as nonetheless as doable. Put your elbow in your knee to assist preserve your arm nonetheless. Hold the chain of the necklace with the thumb and forefinger of the hand you write with. And maintain the pendant about one inch above the palm of your different hand. Then assume the way in which you need it to maneuver and it’ll transfer that means.

And that is the way it works. Where consideration goes … power flows. So what are you giving your power to?

Source by Robyn Bentley

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