Old Cut Diamonds – Should They Be Re-Cut to Modern Brilliant Cuts?

Old Cut Diamonds – Should They Be Re-Cut to Modern Brilliant Cuts?

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. These gorgeous gemstones are each unique in their own way. From antique diamonds to modern ones, there are a variety of gemstones to choose from when selecting a piece of jewelry. One type of diamond which many people still cherish to this day is the old cut diamond. Old cut diamonds are antique stones which were cut in a simple yet elegant manner. When compared with the modern brilliant cuts of today, old cut diamonds shone with beauty regardless of their simplicity. However, some individuals who possess old cut diamonds wonder whether or not they should have the stones re-cut in order to resemble the modern brilliant cuts.

Why Some Individuals May Want Their Old Cuts Turned Into Modern Cuts

There are a few different reasons why diamond owners may want their old cut diamonds reshaped so that they become modern brilliant cuts. The first reason is to make their diamonds be more modern. This is an obvious answer to why one would want to alter their diamond in this way. They may feel as if their diamond will be better looking if it were in keeping with the times and not some piece of jewelry which was too in touch with the past.

Another reason why someone may wish to have their old cut diamonds crafted into modern brilliant cuts is in the case of an engagement ring. Those who may be giving their mother or grandmother’s engagement ring to their fiancé may wish to do so for sentimental reasons yet feel that something a bit more modern might be a little more suitable for their loved one.

Lastly, one who wants to have their old cut diamonds turned into modern brilliant cut diamonds may be trying to rid the diamond of certain blemishes. An individual who finds an antique diamond that they like, despite the presence of a crack or line through the stone or poor cut, may feel that they can make the diamond more perfect by having it re-cut into a modern brilliant style. By doing so, they are getting rid of the blemish and making their gemstone more modern all at the same time.

Should This Process Be Undertaken?

When trying to answer the question of whether or not to re-cut an old cut diamond into a modern brilliant one, it is important to look at the underlying reason behind doing so. Since the diamond ultimately has its own favorable characteristics which make it a special stone and re-cutting the diamond may in fact make matters worse, the only reason one should really re-cut their stone is if there is a blemish present within the diamond itself. Any other reason for doing so may in fact make the diamond less attractive and less desirable in the end. Therefore, although it is a personal choice, it is often a wise decision to re-cut a stone only after careful consideration and knowing that the finished product may come out not as good as the original item.

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