History of Artificial and Fashion Jewelry

Business of jewelery is an emerging business in India these days. As everyone knows that India was known as Bird of gold, so India is the origin of gold jewelery. Apart from that the trend is moving towards Artificial Jewelery. In today's world the teens are more interested in fashion jewelery. Business of jewelery is … Read moreHistory of Artificial and Fashion Jewelry

Understanding Antique Jewelry Time Periods

antique jewelry trade show

Interview with Hays Worthington & Sarah Lee Martin September 24, 2018 by Macala Wright in In this video interview, we interview Sarah Lee Martin, one of the co-founders of Hays Worthington, an estate and antique jewelry company based in New York City. Hays Worthington specializes in everything from Georgian to Art Deco, Retro to Contemporary … Read moreUnderstanding Antique Jewelry Time Periods

Young Women Buy Affordable Costume Jewelry Accessories

They offer bright, fun colors and styles that match with trendy clothes designers and are sold at affordable prices. Since younger women are usually on limited budgets, they do not have the money to spend on expensive accessories. Fashionable Jewelry Trends During the summer, young women walk around the beach sporting belly button rings and … Read moreYoung Women Buy Affordable Costume Jewelry Accessories

Gold Bracelets – Rings Around The Arms Are Charming

Gold bracelets that adorn a beautiful woman's hand take on a beauty of their own. No woman is completely dressed without and until the wrist is decorated with a gold bracelet that compliment the outfit and makeup. There are bracelets made from all sorts of metals, but for the special occasions, a gold bracelet is … Read moreGold Bracelets – Rings Around The Arms Are Charming