Revealing the History of Earrings For Men

Revealing the History of Earrings For Men

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Ear Piercings have been accredited among men all over the world for ages. In Western society, it seemed that women have a control on wearing earrings but things are changing as it is a modern era. Earrings for Men are attached to the ear from end to end of the earlobe or by piercing any other external part of one's ear.

Modern Earrings for Men are shaped from an extensive range of materials that includes glass, metal, precious stones, plastic, and beads. The sizes are restricted by the holding capacity of the earlobe: they must also be of a suitable weight to avoid any form of teething or damage to the ear. That is why, if you are choosing heavyweight earrings, you are advised to avoid wearing them for an extended period of time unless you fancy the stretched-earlobe look.

Regardless of what the women would have us think, earrings have suited the men fashion. Throughout history they have been worn by soldiers, sailors, local Indians and many other nations. So wear these earrings with a sense of pride.

With an earring in your ear, it gives a very distinguished look. Ear piercing is one of the ancient forms of body improvement known to mankind: written and artistic references from all over the globe reveal a worldwide obsession with them. The earliest proof can be found on the walls of Persepolis, where imprinted images portray earring-wearing soldiers from all over the Persian Empire. On the other side of the world, their Aussie comrades-in-fashion are wearing earrings too. An interesting fact is that in 1991, archaeologists found a mummified corpse of a man wearing large earrings. Also primitive Indian tribes were also fond of body-piercing and integrating facial piercing in ceremonies and festivals.

In the historical perspective United Kingdom and United States were sluggish to arrive at the earring fashion scene. It was not until the early 20th century that British people started wearing pins in their ears. By the early 1920s, the clip-on became more familiar among women, although the pierced types were still be favored by the sailors. In the sailing community, a pierced earlobe was the symbol that signified that the sailor crossed the equator or sailed around the world. A non-service sailor who rescued the survival of a sinking ship was also allowed to wear an earring in his left ear. Body jewelery also had a realistic role for these men, who risked their lives on a day-to-day basis as sailors invested in luxurious gold earrings that would serve as a token for the person who found, and buried, their body. So earrings were worn by men throughout all times and they have been part of men fashion for ages.

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