Should We Bury Jewelry With Our Loved One?

Should We Bury Jewelry With Our Loved One? - Necklaces & Pendants

Some people arranging a funeral for a loved one are under the impression that state law forbids the burial of jewelry or other items in the casket with a loved one. The answer to this is that one can bury anything they so desire with their loved one.

There are many factors influencing the decision about the declined's jewelry. In life, he or she may never have been seen without a certain ring, necklace, or watch, and the family had never even thought about taking the piece off.

On the other hand, family members may be arguing over a certain piece, and they can not agree on who gets it. In this case, they may bury that particular piece of jewelry simply because they'd prefer to do that, rather than someone else get it.

I always counsel with families that they may want to consider all possibilities when dealing with this decision, and to talk it over with other family members before making a final decision. I would ask them consider the possibility of handing down an expensive piece of fine jewelry to a child, grandchild, niece or nephew as a "family heirloom." I also suggest that they can choose, as an alternative, to substitute inexpensive costume jewelry, if they feel that they want to bury their loved one with jewelry.

An obvious choice to consider is that an expensive piece can be donated to the promised church or favorite charity. The final decision, of course, rests with the family. Whatever decision they make will be honored and followed to the letter.

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