Silver Earrings – History and Care

Silver Earrings – History and Care

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Silver earrings were adorned on earlobes as far back as five thousand years ago. Looped silver earrings were fairly common then and this style was later fashioned with gemstones like ruby ​​and sapphire by the Greeks. In fact in the 200 AD Greek era, silver earring was of a high-fashion distinction only privileged women women to esteemed parties. Time and advances lead to the development of the silver earring's different designs and more malleable materials. Today, wearing silver earrings is not limited to high-fashion. Some wear it as an everyday adornment and even at sports events. Also, it is not only traditional to women and young girls. Silver earrings have become an acceptable male fashion statement.

Even if a silver earring is less valuable than a classic gold earring or any other jewelry piece, proper care is still needed as this is a piece of investment that should last many years.

There are plenty of ways to clean silver earrings. The first thing to remember is to ask the sales clerk from the store where you bought the jewelry. They may have a special solution prepared and sold just for the particular silver earrings you are purchasing. If there are none, then it is safe to use only mild soap and water to clean your silver earrings. Pat the jewelry using a soft cloth, to remove any residue and bring back the shimmer. Paper towels may scratch it, so be careful with what you use on your earrings. Air and sunlight may tarnish silver, so store your silver earrings wrapped in a soft cloth and sealed in a tarnish-free bag. It should be placed somewhere cool and dry. Do take note that chlorine and other chemicals can change the condition of your silver earrings, so keep them away from those.

Undoubtedly, silver can enhance any style or event.

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