Storing Your Loose Gemstones

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Loose gemstones are not very cheap to come by. They cost a lot and have to be stored carefully. This is because these gemstones can be very fragile and have to be stored carefully when you do not use them.

If the loose gemstones come in contact with the other jewelry options or are stored inappropriately, it can ruin them. You should know how to store the gemstones to make sure that they are not damaged.

First of all here is a look at some things that you should use to store the loose gemstones:

• Some clean pieces of velvet.
• A couple of flat, long boxes.
• A towel that is soft to touch
• Some pieces of cloth made of 100 percent cotton

Now here is look at some ways to keep your gemstones stored safely:

• You should try to keep the gemstones into the boxes which they came in. It is the best way to store the delicate gemstones in the original boxes as these boxes are very soft and comfortable from inside. The boxes are cushioned from inside to offer proper protection. Also other pieces of jewelry will not come into contact with your gemstones, thereby avoiding any scratching or other form of damages.

• The velvet jewelry bags are a fantastic way to store the loose gemstones. In case you do not have velvet jewelry boxes you should simply wrap the jewelry in a piece of velvet to make sure that the piece is fully protected. In case, you do not have enough velvet pieces to store every single of the loose gemstones individually, you should wrap them together inside a piece of velvet that has to be put in a larger jewelry box. You should not move the box too much to avoid any friction between the various gemstones.

• You should make sure that the loose gemstones do not come in contact with humidity. The gemstones like pearls tend to respond badly to heavy amount of humidity. In case, the gemstones are placed permanently in a damp place it can disfigure them.

• Make sure that you do not store the gemstones in the plastic bags. This is because these bags tend to trap the moisture for an indefinite period. You should remove all the moisture inside the plastic bag before you store the loose gemstones inside.

Source by Vishnu Batwara


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