Wholesale Beads – What's Available Online

If you are a jewelry maker and want to buy wholesale beads online then you have a great opportunity to get materials that were once only available in specialized stores … Read more

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Family Bracelets Are Replacing The Mother's Ring

Almost everyone is familiar with the mother's ring. Usually a gold band which has been set with the birthstones of the family members, it sometimes comes with the grand children's … Read more

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Earn High Amounts of Profit With Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry has really been a big hit in the market ever since its birth or introduction to the buying market. This is due to the practical reason that it … Read more

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Celebrating the 13th Wedding Anniversary Year

Okay, so it is your 13th wedding anniversary. Not a typical milestone year, but, as far as you are concerned, each and every year spent with your wife is super … Read more

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The Gold Guide to Pretty Heart Jewelry

Long before the invention of the American Dollar, the Indian Rupee, or the British Pound, another form of currency was used by people around the world. Do you know what … Read more

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Bracelets and Rings – Still Everyone's Favorite Jewelry

There are many types of jewelry being created today. These pieces can mean anything to the wearer from being a token of one's love for a partner to being a … Read more

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How Natural Birthstones and Gemstones Are Formed

Deep within the earth, molten rock and gasses continuously move against the earth's crust. It is within this extremely high pressure and heat that diamonds and peridot are formed. Diamonds … Read more

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Online Jewelry Shopping – 5 Tips to Ease Up

The internet has provided a mighty solution to satisfy buyers with fast and easy tool to purchase goods. However, in the case of gemstones, it's not likewise, always. Latest developments … Read more

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Engagement Ring Settings – What Are Your Options

A ring, whether it is made of cheap silver or pricey platinum, looks plain and bland. It is the design and gemstone embellishments which add a touch of elegance and … Read more

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