Wholesale Beads – What's Available Online

If you are a jewelry maker and want to buy wholesale beads online then you have a great opportunity to get materials that were once only available in specialized stores … Read more

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Family Bracelets Are Replacing The Mother's Ring

Almost everyone is familiar with the mother's ring. Usually a gold band which has been set with the birthstones of the family members, it sometimes comes with the grand children's … Read more

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Earn High Amounts of Profit With Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry has really been a big hit in the market ever since its birth or introduction to the buying market. This is due to the practical reason that it … Read more

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The Gold Guide to Pretty Heart Jewelry

Long before the invention of the American Dollar, the Indian Rupee, or the British Pound, another form of currency was used by people around the world. Do you know what … Read more

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antique jewelry trade show

Understanding Antique Jewelry Time Periods

Interview with Hays Worthington & Sarah Lee Martin September 24, 2018 by Macala Wright in In this video interview, we interview Sarah Lee Martin, one of the co-founders of Hays … Read more

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What Fashion Accessories Can Do For You

Ladies love updating their appearance, at least in terms of fashion and style. If you are one of us who have got the zeal for trendy stuff, then you will … Read more

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Young Women Buy Affordable Costume Jewelry Accessories

They offer bright, fun colors and styles that match with trendy clothes designers and are sold at affordable prices. Since younger women are usually on limited budgets, they do not … Read more

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The Fascination With Jewelery

I'm sure most women out there would agree – women can be completely FASCINATED by jewelery almost borderline obsessed by it in fact! Whether it be a silver necklace, a … Read more

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Dressmaking – Greek Costume

Greek costume of the classic period has given greater inspiration than any other to the designer in the past and in the present. In Greek costume there were two general … Read more

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