Exquisite Jewelery of Solihull – The History

Most sources quote the company manufactured jewelery from the sixties to the seventies. However this is untrue. Exquisite jewelery was produced by the company called WAP Watson Ltd. here is … Read more

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Advice On Wearing Pearls To Work

Pearls are very much back in fashion these days. As a result of this, you'll find that the rules about when and how they should be worn have changed. No … Read more

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Unique Types Of Beads For Jewelry Making

The jewelry industry is booming and everyday millions of people shop for jewelry either online or from their local jewelry stores. The demand for jewelry is high and this is … Read more

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Bracelets and Rings – Still Everyone's Favorite Jewelry

There are many types of jewelry being created today. These pieces can mean anything to the wearer from being a token of one's love for a partner to being a … Read more

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Bridal Tiaras – Classic Accessories For Brides

Your UK wedding is an important occasion where the focus is on the bride, her dress and accessories. Bridal tiaras are accessories worth considering when you're putting your wedding ensemble … Read more

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Jewelery For The Ages

One of life's great problems for many people is the regular worry and disturbance that comes with the responsibility of gift buying: exactly how do you keep coming up with … Read more

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The Hopi and Their Jewelry

Hopi Silver Overlay Jewelry The jewelry of the Hopi has a style distinct from that of the other Native Americans. The Hopi are known for the use of silver overlay, … Read more

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6 Types of Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for jewelry making can vary significantly in relation to the materials, sizes and types. They are popular for making a wide range of simple to complex necklaces and bracelets. … Read more

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Story of Wedding Ring and Engagement Rings

As it is known to all that the choice of the wedding ring plays a very important role in every wedding there before it is essential to make some points … Read more

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