Tanzanite Ring is one of the Rarest Jewels in the World

Tanzanite ring is one of the most sought after and rarest rings. Firstly because its color is rather disturbing, mesmerizing. A blue that varies between a crystal clear blue and purple highlights.

A stone ring that is sought after by major collectors but still very hard to find because of the rarity of tanzanite.

Tanzanite Ring is one of the Rarest Jewels in the World - Rings

An incredible story

In 1960, a violent storm struck Tanzania and especially the hills near Mount Kilimanjaro. The people are thus refugees further away from the storm. When the storm ended, residents joined their homes and on their way, they found blue and very shiny stones. Not knowing these stones, they brought the stones to a local explorer who failed to answer their questions.

So they decided to send a few stones at a gemologist recognized in Tanzania. Unable to find the source of these stones, he sent them to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) found that the origin of this stone and rendered the following verdict: these stones were of an unknown variety that far.

It is the owner of the world famous jewelry Tiffany & Co, H.Pratt, who fell in love with these stones. He named the tanzanite and was the first jeweler to market tanzanite ring.

However, career only 20 km2 in all and for all. Very meager reserves condemn this crystal in a short life and tanzanite ring to be still and always sought.

Tanzanite Ring is one of the Rarest Jewels in the World - Rings

What metal for tanzanite ring?

With its powerful and deep blue tanzanite ring deserves to be associated with the metal showcases and allows him to express all its beauty.

This is why yellow gold fits perfectly with the bluish reflections of this stone.

Tanzanite ring is also very well with lighter metals such as silver, white gold or

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