The 6 "C’s" of Diamond Engagement Rings

If you end up within the place of buying diamond engagement rings, you’ve got bought lots to think about. Your purchasing expertise will probably be way more satisfying, nonetheless, you probably have a primary understanding of the 6 “C’s” of diamonds.

You’re in all probability already acquainted with the generally referred to “4 C’s” of diamonds, however if you wish to guarantee the very best quality, the very best worth, and a transparent conscience with the acquisition of engagement rings, there are a pair extra “C’s” to concentrate on. All inclusive, these 6 “C’s” embody the traits of:

• Cut

• Clarity

• Color

• Carat Weight

• Certification

• Conflict Free

The first 4 objects on this record are lower, readability, shade and carat weight, and these make up the generally referred to “4 C’s.”


A diamond’s “cut” refers to its form. Cut is essential, as that is the place a unfastened diamonds retains most of its authentic measurement (or does not) and the place a lot of the eventual “sparkle factor” will probably be decided, as an skilled lower can maximize the sunshine refraction occurring inside the diamond.


Clarity refers back to the transparency of a unfastened diamond. You’ll desire a first rate readability ranking for engagement rings, however the diamond does not essentially should be excellent, as very slight discolorations are unlikely to indicate as soon as the stone is place in a solitaire setting.


Diamonds can vary in shade from “colorless” to yellow, with a sliding scale of levels in between. Colorless is clearly essentially the most fascinating “color” for a diamond solitaire, nonetheless, just like the attribute of readability, slight discolorations are not often seen from “near colorless” stones as soon as they’ve been correctly set into a hoop.


All different qualities being equal, carat weight is the only greatest figuring out issue of a unfastened diamond’s worth and, subsequently, value. Because they’re a lot rarer, diamonds of full carat or extra enhance in worth exponentially. Diamond engagement rings sometimes include a diamond solitaire on the heart, however this stone does not should be large. It could be drastically enhanced with a jacket of diamond accents to carry out the middle stones pure magnificence and add magnificence to the ring, all with out breaking the financial institution.

The two further elements that are essential within the accountable buy of diamond rings are:

• Certified

• Conflict Free

GIA or EGL certification assures the buyer of the assessed worth of a unfastened diamond, as utilized by the world’s foremost impartial gemological authorities. Because of the strict rules put in place by the U.N. initiative often known as the Kimberley Process, diamonds should even be licensed Conflict Free, which means that it has come by respectable channels. Conflict diamonds, also called Blood diamonds, are used to finance insurgent operations in weak international locations, and are strictly forbidden in most international locations.

Keep these 6 “C’s” in thoughts as you start your seek for engagement rings, to make sure a purchase order you may be ok with “as long as you both shall live.”

Source by Kyle S Moore

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