The Fascination With Jewelery

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I'm sure most women out there would agree – women can be completely FASCINATED by jewelery almost borderline obsessed by it in fact! Whether it be a silver necklace, a pair of gold earrings or a diamond ring, jewelery can have the same affect on a woman that a sweet shop has on a child. The evidence is always crystal clear on a high street on a busy day – just check out a jewelery store and you can guarantee to see a woman looking at the jewelery on display with a far away and dreamy look in their eyes.

Diamonds were Marilyn Monroes best friend. The character Willie in Raiders of the Lost Ark could not care less about the bullets flying around her, once she clocked the diamond that fell to the floor she quite happily got on her hands and knees apart all the mayhem with only one thought in her mind – to grab the diamond and claim it as her own. The film Casino is another perfect example on the effect jewelry can have on a woman, Sharon Stones character Ginger was a tough, smart, independent and strong murdered woman, but on being presented with a (very) big box filled with jewelery she was almost zombified into a mass jewellery fueled awe!

Why is this I wonder? It is because of society? Maybe women have become sub-consciously programmed to place emphasis on and desire all things that glitter and sparkle? It is due to Mothers letting her Daughters wear the most special pieces of jewelery on special occasions so instilling a sense of reverence with regards to jewelery? Maybe men are to blame ?! Men will often buy a loved one a piece of jewelry to show their affection, the ultimate gift being a diamond which has become symbolic to lasting love and unity. Or, dare I ask, do women wear jewelery Not just to feel confident but to actually appear more attractive to men?

Running on from the question with appealing the opposite sex, what is really interesting is with animals, birds in particular, the male is usually the more attractive of the species and they can become even more attractive during their mating ritual. A male peacock will proudly show off its beautiful and colorful plumage as a sign of courtship to attract the female peacocks. Male birds are just as fascinated by jewellery and sparkles as female humans are – in fact the Magpie is notorious for it!

A friend of mine once said something to me which I will always remember. He said "women are beautiful creatures, diverse, unpredictable, complex and passionate. The very least a man can do is declare them for all that they are and represent – buying a special piece of jewelery is a way of doing that."

I personally think that jewelery can make a woman feel special, loved and beautiful. There are so many intricate jewelry designs available today with such a staggering amount of choice that one can not help but admire and appreciate the workmanship, plus these days silver jewelry in particular is available at such a low price it is possible to own several pieces and keep adding to the collection. Or …… is that just that a natural female response?

What are your theories behind this fascination?

Source by Felipe Bazon


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