The Lure of Fancy Colored Diamonds

The Lure of Fancy Colored Diamonds

The Lure of Fancy Colored Diamonds

4_1_5_0_diamonds1_04When you consider a diamond, what’s the very first thing that involves thoughts? Love? Marriage? Engagement? Lifelong dedication? In at present’s society, diamonds are acknowledged as the normal image for love and romance. A diamond is endlessly; the proper time of your life; designed for a lady’s satisfaction; and dwell the second are all expressions that jewelers use to entice males to take the leap, purchase a diamond, and suggest to the ladies of their desires. However, diamonds are greater than only a image of devotion, they’ve a novel historical past that travels again roughly three billion years.

The phrase “diamond” comes from the Greek phrase “Adamas” and means “unconquerable and indestructible.”  Most pure diamonds are fashioned at excessive temperatures and strain at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers within the Earth’s mantle. Approximately 130 million carats of diamonds are mined yearly with roughly 49 % originating from Central and Southern Africa. Although diamonds aren’t sometimes mined within the U.S., they’ve been present in Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Outside the business market of clear diamonds, the recognition of fancy coloured diamonds has been on the rise globally. This is particularly true within the antiques business. Colored diamonds are generally thought-about to be property with extremely enticing funding potential, whereas colorless diamonds are extra fitted to presents.

Colored diamonds are both present in nature or created in laboratory settings. Large, vivid fancy coloured diamonds are extraordinarily uncommon and really precious. Only roughly one in each 10,000 diamonds has a elaborate coloration. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) lists 27 totally different hues for pure coloured diamonds. The most beneficial hues are pink, blue, inexperienced, and pink diamonds, that are so distinctive that solely a handful are recognized to exist worldwide. “To say a red diamond is one in a million is certainly no stretch,” acknowledged John King, GIA Laboratory’s chief high quality officer.

Each diamond is the results of a rare voyage, forging tons of of kilometers beneath the Earth’s floor.  Believe it or not, a one-carat colorless diamond requires billions of carbon atoms to bond, and all of these atoms should be carbon to create the diamond. The slightest quirk creates a coloured diamond. For instance, a little bit of boron makes a blue diamond; nitrogen makes a yellow diamond; pure radiation type close by rocks entice electrons to create a inexperienced floor coloration; pink or pink shades are considered resulting from modifications to the electron construction in the course of the voyage to the highest. Laboratories at the moment are capable of create coloured diamonds by mimicking the tips nature performs.

With the elevated visibility of coloured diamonds comes a complete new vocabulary to teach people to make smarter purchases. In the ’40s and ’50s, the GIA developed the common grading system generally known as the 4Cs, analyzing carat, coloration, readability and reduce to guage white diamonds. When purchasing for coloured diamonds, nonetheless, the 4Cs turn into extra advanced.

In 1995, the GIA expanded its system to measure hue, tone, saturation and distribution of coloration in coloured diamonds. “Hue” describes, effectively, the colour and might embrace a modifier corresponding to purplish-pink. “Tone” refers back to the stone’s lightness or darkness, and “saturation” implies energy or purity of coloration. The scale begins with “faint” and strikes as much as “light,” “fancy light,” “fancy,” “fancy intense,” and “fancy vivid,” the final being essentially the most precious.

2_1_1_1_louisThere have been many notable coloured diamonds all through our historical past. One of essentially the most well-known is the Hope Diamond, which has a protracted and coveted historical past. The world’s largest blue stone was fashioned deep throughout the Earth roughly 1.1 billion years in the past. Several accounts recommend that the diamond originated in India within the 17th century when the French service provider traveler, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, was mentioned to buy it. This diamond, which was most certainly from the Kollur mine in Golconda, India, was barely triangular in form and crudely reduce. Tavernier offered the diamond to King Louis XIV of France in 1668. Five years later, the stone was recut by the courtroom jeweler, leading to a 67 1/Eight-carat stone and was set in gold and suspended on a neck ribbon which the king wore on ceremonial events. The diamond was owned by quite a lot of people all through its lifetime together with royalty and acknowledged jewelers corresponding to Cartier. Today, the Smithsonian is the diamond’s dwelling.

Fun reality – the fictional blue diamond, the Heart of the Ocean, featured prominently within the Hollywood blockbuster Titantic was modeled after the Hope Diamond.

_pumpkin-diamond-3-millionAnother well-known coloured stone is a elaborate vivid orange diamond known as the Pumpkin Diamond. The stone was found in 1997 and measures 5.54 carats. It went up for public sale at Sotheby’s the place it was bought for $1.three million by Ronald Winston for the House of Harry Winston. He selected the title of diamond as a result of he purchased it the day earlier than Halloween. Now price an estimated $three million, the diamond was set in a hoop with two smaller diamonds on either side and was worn by Halle Berry to the 2002 Oscars when she gained greatest actress for Monster’s Ball.

Through the years, Harry Winston has been a constant purchaser and vendor of coloured diamonds. In 1948, Harry Winston offered its Windsor Yellow earrings, a pair of pear-shaped yellow diamonds, to the duchess of Windsor. The firm additionally owned the Eugenie Blue, a heart-shaped, 30.82-carat blue diamond now within the Smithsonian’s assortment, and even the Graff Pink, which was initially offered to a non-public collector 63 years in the past. There is at present an Eight.Eight-carat fancy intense pink diamond on show of their New York retailer.

As an vintage present producer, our aim is to all the time present attendees entry to historic and distinctive merchandise and this doesn’t exclude uncommon fancy coloured diamonds. At 5 of our nationwide vintage and vintage jewellery reveals, we’ve got number of elite jewellery sellers that carry coloured diamonds corresponding to Goldstein Diamonds, Ely & Co. Fancy Diamonds, Inc., Rick Shatz Inc., Joseph Dardashti, Vivid Diamond & Jewelry, and plenty of extra. For the complete checklist of our reveals, go to

So, subsequent time you have a look in a storefront window, store an vintage jewellery present, or peruse a jewellery boutique, take a second to recollect the diamond’s journey from the inside of the Earth to changing into lovely items of jewellery adorned by ladies worldwide. This, in flip, is what makes these stones endlessly fascinating.


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