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When a woman is found not wearing her favorite pair of earrings, she feels undressed, naked. Would you agree? If that's the case, then what is it with earrings that make a woman really beautiful?

Every woman has her own taste when it comes to the way she would want to look in public. For sure, she has her own favorites when it comes to earrings. They give her a feeling of elegance, luxury and completeness and anyone that has ever worn earrings would know that to not do so is a backward step.

One type of earrings is those with diamonds. We all know that diamonds are the most untainted of all the gemstones. They are the most famous – all of us would agree. They became popular before the Renaissance period and have, since then, been a symbol of endurance and superiority. They have also been an icon for classy endurance. Diamond earrings are known for their 4 c properties: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Today, diamond earrings are the best gifts for your loved-ones on their special days. However, they are expensive.

The next popular type are pearl earrings. In choosing the best pair, it does not only take time and effort but there is also an "art." Pearl earrings have been hit since ancient times, and now, they have remained popular and bought after. These earrings can be gem-quality natural or natural ones. The gem-quality natural pearls are fairly rare because of their source. It is the reason why jewelers would prefer cultured gems. Also, there are the natural pearls but they are not superior in quality and value as compared to cultured pearls. Among the important factors to look for in the best pearl earrings are their color, luster, size, shape, and surface quality.

One of the most common of the earring types is the pierced or clipped earrings. These types are often seen in celebrities and even in ordinary people, including children.

With the different trends in wearing earrings, it can be seen that the use of them ranges from the simple reason of fashion and elegance to the extravagant social status of the user. Whatever trend one is following, for sure, there is always a good pair of earrings for her.

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