Top 3 Romantic Ways to Give Jewelry to a Girl

Whether you are planning a proposal or just want to do something special for the girl in your life, finding the perfect way to present a gift is just as important as the gift its self. Even if you have a small budget, finding a nice piece of jewelry and presenting it in a thoughtful way can leave a lasting impression your lady will remember forever. The truth is, many women would rather get a small sentimental piece of jewelry given to them in a way that is unique and thought out rather than something expensive given in a casual and less thoughtful way. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of the jewelry you are planning to give to your girlfriend or wife on the next special occasion.

Do not be afraid of tradition. With Valentine’s Day coming up, many girls say they are not interested in traditional gifts like flowers and chocolates, but if you show up at their door, or come home from work with these items, they are sure to melt any girl’s heart. If you are planning to go this route, skip the bad wrapping job and just tie the velvet or other nice box that the jewelry came in, to the top of the box of chocolates with a bow. You triple gift of flowers, chocolate, and jewelry will create the perfect mood for a romantic evening. Add a personal love letter or poem to the gift for maximum impact.

Another great way to ensure your girlfriend or wife will remember the night you gave her your jewelry gift, is to plan an evening in a place she loves. Having the perfect location to give your lady friend her present, especially if you are proposing, will show that you did not just put thought into buying the gift, but that you wanted the whole event to be truly special. For a simple date night, choose someplace close to home, like the restaurant you went to on your first date or a park she loves to picnic in. For a more elaborate event, make take a weekend trip. Go someplace the two of you love to visit together, or try a new place she has always wanted to go. Your gift will give her something to wear that will always remind her of your special trip.

Some girl’s enjoy the comforts of home the most. Surprising your girlfriend or wife with breakfast in bed will get her special day started right. Why wait until evening to give her your gift. Present her with the jewelry on her breakfast tray. That way she can wear it all day. Another way to give jewelry at home is to replace something she wears every day with the new piece of jewelry. When she opens her jewelry box to get out her everyday necklace or ring she will find her new jewelry. This will only work of course if she normally wears the same jewelry every day.

No matter how you choose to present your gift, put some time into planning it and you will be able to create a special moment for your loved one.

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